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Having trouble sleeping? advice and support from Ben

Date: Wednesday 23 March 2022

If you’re struggling with sleep, it would seem you’re not the only one! According to Ben's recent health and wellbeing survey, 1 in 2 automotive people have been affected by poor sleep. It’s recommended that adults should get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, to help them function at their best.

Improving sleep quality
Getting enough sleep is really important in maintaining our physical health, mental health and improving our overall wellbeing. To help, Ben has put together some tips, advice and tools to help us all maximise the chances of getting quality sleep. Ben also has a test to see if you’re getting enough sleep and some tips for shift workers too.

Everyone is being encouraged to sign up to SilverCloud, Ben's digital platform helping people to better manage their health & wellbeing - it’s free for everyone who works in the automotive industry. Try their ‘Space for Sleep’ program, just enter the access code 'ben' to get started.

During the 'Space for Sleep' program you will learn more about sleep and its effects on the body. The program will help you identify any sleep difficulties you may have, and allow you to consider the impact of these, before giving you tools to help you overcome them.

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