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Group synergies provide worldwide supply chain to electric car producer

Date: Wednesday 08 September 2021

The business and customer base of the Lesjöfors Group is constantly changing and expanding from new sales and acquisitions. Many of our customers are global companies operating in tough competition. As a supplier, we must be able to provide a competitive set-up in order to keep and expand our business.

“Our group has a unique opportunity thanks to our geographical presence in many countries to offer a highly competitive set-up. By making the most out of our strengths and use our synergies, we can sharpen our offers and provide local-to-local solutions to customers”, says Mikael Andersson, MD of Lesjöfors China and VP Lesjöfors Asia.

Complex part for electrical car
Some years ago, the Lesjöfors company Stumpp + Schüle signed a major business deal with a supplier to an electrical car producer. The required component is a technical complex and qualitative part for a specific car model. Recently, the demand for the part has expanded to include also Asia.

Thanks to a close cooperation with transfer of technology and know-how from Stumpp + Schüle, the Lesjofors China factory is now successfully manufacturing the part. The search for additional dual-location supply for parts are ongoing. Next step in the localization project will be a local-to-local solution in other continents.

Lower environmental impact
There is also a great environmental advantage when transportation are shorter which means lower CO2 emissions, which will be increasingly important in the future. As a global supplier, we can also lower import and export duties as well as shipment costs for customers.

Local-to-local solutions
With a local-to-local set-up, we can realize projects much faster since in-house technical departments no longer are bottlenecks. Miro Ribaric, MD of Stumpp + Schüle explains:

“Local-to-local solutions are getting increasingly important for customers. This set-up really underlines the upside with a global group of companies like ours where we can offer optimal pricing, service and supply regardless location.”