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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Gloucester, Exeter and Fareham colleges to host OESAA Academy Live shows

Date: Thursday 04 July 2024

Following triumphs at Trafford College, Suffolk New College and HEAT (Hybrid Electric Automotive Training) at Blackburn College – where hundreds of students and apprentices got a front-row seat as to how OEMs are shaping the sector, what technologies, challenges and innovations are likely to shape the industry, and what successful careers they could forge in the future – OESAA Academy Live will return after the summer break with events at Gloucester College, Exeter College and Fareham College.

OESAA’s members will visit Gloucester and Exeter on back-to-back dates of Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October respectively, while Fareham will host the final event of the year on Thursday 14th November.

Informative presentations of the latest products and technologies, dynamic demonstrations of best practice and diagnosis techniques and engaging seminars that illustrate potential career pathways will be on the agenda once more.

Participating OESAA members will be revealed in due course; however, all are united in their quest to prepare students and apprentices the best they can, as they embark on a livelihood in the automotive arena.

OESAA Chairman, Nigel Morgan, said: “OESAA Academy Live has been well-received by both students and tutors. Our approach – curriculum, structure and enthusiasm – have hit the mark, so we’re confident our members will be able to provide valuable content to learners of all levels once again.

“These events are extremely important; being able to give something back to the grassroots of the industry is vital and illustrates to all involved that the sector is vibrant, welcoming and profitable.”

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