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Glen Callum Associates maximises the power of video interviewing

Date: Thursday 12 August 2021

Over the past year, video has been integral to ensuring automotive aftermarket employers and candidates can continue to interview safely and efficiently, and as restrictions begin to ease and more people head back into the office, video interviewing will remain an essential part of the recruitment process.

Glen Callum Associates recognises that time is of the essence when recruiting in today’s job market, as candidates can often be snapped up quickly.

By expanding its resources digitally, employers working alongside the specialist recruitment company can now ask three key questions to candidates via recorded video before they move to the next stage of the interview process, whereby its team of expert recruiters can facilitate online interviews.

This enables employers to see available and talented candidates first, meaning they no longer have to lose out on a lengthy recruitment process. It also significantly reduces travel time and costs for companies with multi-site locations, while also decreasing time to hire by up to 70%.

In turn, it also ensures a less arduous interview process for jobseekers.

Glen Callum Associates’ video interviewing service allows employers to: Screen candidates remotely, maximising safety; share videos securely with colleagues, allowing for more feedback; assess cultural fit and communication skills; and save time and select the best possible candidate

A new video has been launched by the company highlighting these services.