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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

FIGIEFA Elects New Board of Directors at General Assembly in Istanbul

Date: Tuesday 28 May 2024

Istanbul, 22 May 2024 - FIGIEFA, the European association representing the independent distributors of automotive parts and components, has elected its new Board of Directors during its General Assembly held in Istanbul today.

The newly elected Board of Directors comprises professionals from national associations and from automotive spare parts distribution companies across Europe, each bringing unique expertise and perspectives to the table, contributing to advancing FIGIEFA’s mission and objectives. The newly appointed Board members are as follows:

• President: Mads Engberg, representing AUTIG (Denmark)
• Vice-President: Bastian Müller, representing GVA (Germany)
• Treasurer: Lawrence Bleasdale, representing IAAF (United Kingdom)
• Directors: Tomasz Beben, representing SDCM (Poland); Nines García de la Fuente,
representing ANCERA (Spain); Alex Gelbcke, representing FMA (Belgium) and RAI (Netherlands); Emirhan Silahtaroglu, representing OSS (Turkey); Bertrand Thorette,
representing FEDA (France); Warren Espinoza, from ATRI; and Stéphane Antiglio, from PHE.

"We are delighted to welcome our new Board of Directors, who bring a wealth of experience and insight to our organisation," said Sylvia Gotzen, Chief Executive of FIGIEFA. "We are very thankful to Cor Baltus, exiting president, and the former Board members for their great job during the past years and are confident that the new Board will, together, keep looking forward to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the Independent Automotive Aftermarket in Europe, and to furthering its mission of promoting innovation, sustainability, and competition in the industry."

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