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FAI pulls out all the stops with new braking range ​

Date: Tuesday 07 May 2024

FAI Automotive has launched a brand-new braking range into its leading product portfolio as part of its commitment to providing a trusted alternative to the industry.

The brand has introduced 70 brake pads and 65 brake discs in the range. This new collection demonstrates FAI's ethos to delivering exceptional quality, value, and reliability to its customers.​

FAI's new braking references cover 24 million vehicles across the UK, catering to the ever-growing UK vehicle parc. Key features within the range include coated discs, designed for durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring prolonged performance and longevity.

Other USPs of the brand’s new braking range include fit and forget, as the parts come pre-coated for immediate installation, eliminating the need for greasing the axle and ensuring hassle-free fitting straight from the box. Plus, they are securely packaged to prevent rubbing and damage during transit, guaranteeing peace of mind that the products will arrive in pristine condition.​

FAI's brake pads are formulated as semi-metallic to minimalise environmental impact, and the range also comes with FAI’s comprehensive warranty, providing customers with confidence in their purchase.

​Dominic Moxon, technical director at FAI Automotive says: "Our focus has always been on delivering the best products that offer exceptional value to our customers. With our new braking range, we aim to strike a balance between quality and value, offering a trusted and reliable alternative brand.

​ “We are launching with a focused range across pads and discs, with even more part numbers to be added throughout 2024.”

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