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EAG reveals video tour of its Suplex warehouse

Date: Thursday 10 December 2020

Excel Automotive Group (EAG) has released a video showing its customers the Suplex area of the warehouse, as well as highlighting the benefits of the range.

It’s been a year since EAG announced that it was becoming the exclusive distributor of Suplex and since then, it’s only grown in strength.

To show its customers the impressive depth of range, EAG has recently filmed a video tour of the Suplex area of its warehouse and uploaded it to EAG’s YouTube channel

With a range of more than 3,500, Suplex coil springs, either made from high-quality chrome, silicone chrome or vanadium spring steel, each is coated with a zinc phosphate coating, which helps prevent them from corroding.

When developing a new spring, a technical data sheet is drawn up setting out all the appropriate parameters. Based on these, a prototype is created, which is then scrutinised by various test procedures, such as metallographic examinations, mechanical material and longevity tests, before the spring goes into production.

The Suplex range is accessible on MAM AutoCat and available for same-day local delivery or next-AM national delivery.