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Dipetane – reducing emissions honestly

Date: Tuesday 03 April 2018

A brief introduction to Dipetane Fuel Treatment, which uniquely equalises and stabilises the carbon chains in all standard fuel. This enables all of the incoming 21 Units of Oxygen in the air, to attach and burn the carbon chains, thereby enabling more complete combustion. ,

In simply terms Dipetane increases the Air to Fuel ratio. It is the only pre- combustion fuel treatment world&ndash,wide that significantly reduces the Green House Gas problems associated with all standard fuels. Dipetane reduces fuel usage by up to 10%. Dipetane reduces NOx by up to 30%, CO2 by up to 25%, reduces Particulate Matter (Carcinogenic) &ndash, PM&rsquo,s by up to 24% and smoke by up to 60%, which ensures that all engines will pass emission tests. ,

Dipetane protects Injectors against Low Sulphur Fuels due to its increase in lubricity. Dipetane keeps EGR&rsquo,s, DPF&rsquo,s and Catalytic Converters clean due to more complete combustion of Carbon. Dipetane helps to burn the lower Carbon Bio-Fuels more completely. Dipetane has a Cold Pour Point of Minus -34c°, Dipetane is 100% Hydro-Carbon. ,

There is nothing in Dipetane that is not already in your fuel. It cannot change the spec of your fuel which remains within the EN590 Fuel Specification. Therefore all warranties for your vehicle remain intact. , ,

Fuel Additives poorly address the problem of un-burnt carbon after combustion. Additives do very little to help the initial burning of the expensive Carbon. ,

You will notice the lists of toxic and hazardous ingredients in these fuel additives. Dipetane contains no additives whatsoever. Dipetane is a single product suitable for use in all fuels, engines and boilers. Dipetane is used at a ratio of 1:200 in all fuels. 1 Litre of Dipetane treats 200 litres of Fuel. ,

Dipetane is available at all good Motor Factors and is sold in 1 Litre,5 Litre and 25 Litres. We also supply in 200 Litre barrels and 1,000 Litre IBC&rsquo,S. ,

Dipetane is available in all motor factors, service stations and Agri-machinery outlets throughout the island of Ireland and have a presence in the UK in over 150 stores, with an ambition to obtain nationwide distribution over the next 2 years. Over 40 million litres per year is treated with Dipetane with numerous testimonials confirming its ability to reduce emissions, save fuel and reduce engine maintenance. ,

Dipetane has been saving fuel and reducing emissions over 30 years and as other products come and go, Dipetane has grown from strength to strength. Solely manufactured in Ireland and distributed world-wide from Kilcoole in County Wicklow, we are actively looking for distribution agreements in the UK. Dipetane International Ltd, Unit 5 Kilcoole Industrial Estate, Kilcoole, County Wicklow, A63 HP71. View our animated video at