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DENSO adds two further air conditioning videos to its technical resources

Date: Monday 10 June 2024

As part of its quest to further educate technicians to correctly diagnose problems within the air conditioning (AC) system, leading original equipment manufacturer and system supplier, DENSO’s Aftermarket Division, has produced two more instructional videos

Available on the DENSO Aftermarket website or via YouTube, both videos concern the compressor, one of the most important components within the AC system, because problems with this key part can have severe consequences elsewhere in the system.

After a practical overview of how to diagnose the problem, the first video focuses on how to correctly and efficiently check the condition of the faulty compressor and which repair procedure is required to fix it right the first time.

The second video is directly connected to the first video and addresses the need to ensure the correct level of oil is present in the new compressor, for the AC system to work to its optimum. (Part of repair procedure 1)

These videos will help to diagnose and repair the AC system in an efficient manner to ensure a good quality repair and maximum customer satisfaction. Watch and learn.

Check out the videos on our YouTube channel “DENSO Aftermarket Europe” or in the Download Area of our Website.

Further details of the DENSO Aftermarket programme are available online at: