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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Covid-impact on Workshops - Outlook

Date: Thursday 05 November 2020

A recent study of UK workshops by Moove Pro-Brands, manufacturers of Comma oil, has found a largely positive outlook amongst the UK’s workshop technicians, as the industry begins its Covid-lockdown recovery. Half of respondents in the survey felt that the industry had ‘bounced back well’, with less than 10% disagreeing with that sentiment.

The vast majority of respondents in the survey also felt that motorists were more reliant on their cars now than ever – and perhaps this explains why two thirds of respondents feel that motorists are either ‘no more concerned about servicing costs’ or are ‘less concerned about servicing costs’ than pre-Covid times.

For many sectors and businesses, the Covid-impact has been catastrophic but it is reassuring that industries, like the automotive aftermarket, can survive, adapt and evolve for the conditions – continuing to generate economic value and providing essential servicing and parts to motorists.

The same survey also revealed that more than a third of workshop respondents had used parts brands that they had not previously used; separately, more than a third also reported turning to alternative motor factors. The obvious conclusion to draw is that, due to Covid restrictions, some motor factors were closed and therefore the workshops ‘usual brands‘ were not available. However, the majority of respondents that had tried different brands had done so without changing stockists. (Only 105 of respondents had both tried different parts brands and different stockists!)

Whether at the workshop or distribution levels, it would certainly seem that ‘parts availability’ during Covid has been a major influencer of workshop habits – underlining that the right inventory, in the right place at the right time, is more critical than ever during these uncertain times.

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