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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

COVID-19 - Member News: TTC

Date: Friday 27 March 2020

Truck & Trailer Components started to make preparations for home working of its office based teams with effect from week commencing 9th March. This involved ensuring each team member was equipped with a Laptop and Mobile Phone. There were then systems and usage checks from their home environments to ensure there were robust IT connections in place.

Following further news reports about the escalation of Covid-19 and advice from the Unipart Group, Darrent Miller made the decision to move all office based functions to work from home status from Wednesday 18th March.

Call diverts were placed on all phones from the office ensuring customers, suppliers and colleagues within the TTC Warehouse Operations were still be able to communicate with office personnel.

TTC also applied Coronavirus specific business messaging to their website on 19th March and have continually updated this where appropriate since.

What has this meant for the TTC Business and its People?

TTC have been able to carry on seamlessly despite the remote working and continue to serve both customers and suppliers throughout. It also gave the business a few days head start on the Government's decision to close Schools, meaning it enabled employees with children to adjust more easily following the announcement.

In addition, and whilst a stark reality, the further announcement this week regarding non-essential travel and stay-at-home message was also less demanding on the TTC, teams having already worked nearly a week in this type of environment

Tradewise, TTC are very much still open for business and continuing to support the transport industry. They are ensuring wherever possible that they can meet the needs and requirements in maintaining both trucks and trailers to be fit for the road, thus ensuring essential services to meet both the National Health Service and food chain demands remain open and supported. In this way TTC is playing its part within the supply chain.