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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

COVID-19: An offer from DFA Media

Date: Wednesday 01 April 2020

The IAAF has received a letter from DFA Media, publisher of Aftermarket magazine, offering their assistance to manufacturers who want to produce the products so desperately needed by the NHS but are experiencing problems in sourcing materials, resources and parts. , This letter is reproduced below:

This unprecedented period in all our lives has highlighted the importance of UK manufacturing more than ever before, and as a publisher of engineering publications we have all been inspired by the generosity and ingenuity of the engineering community and the call by the Government to help manufacturer products to help our precious NHS cope with the consequences of COVID-19.
However we have been made aware that although manufacturers have the ability to make the products needed by the NHS they are nevertheless still having problems finding the raw materials, resources and parts to fulfil these crucial orders. This is where we believe DFA Media Ltd, publisher of Drives &, Controls, Plant &, Works Engineering, Hydraulic &, Pneumatics, Smart Machines &, Factories, Aftermarket, Power Electronics Europe and Offshore Engineering &, Equipment magazines, can play its part in helping those manufacturers who are working with the NHS to access completely free of charge our 70,000 reader database to help connect engineers and manufacturers with the material, resources and parts needed. We are able to do this quickly and confidentially.
Please get in touch with us immediately if you are undertaking NHS contracts to access this completely free service and to discuss your manufacturing needs so we can quickly put you in touch with those who are able to help you fulfil your orders for the NHS.
Yours sincerely ,
DFA Media
01732 370340