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Clear path for mega macs users

Date: Wednesday 16 December 2020

Security Gateway, Certificate Based Automotive Security, Protection of Vehicle Diagnostics, Central Gateway, CAN Gateway - behind these terms are systems designed to protect modern vehicles against unauthorised access and manipulation of their data. This may be beneficial to security, but it involves considerable effort for companies working across multiple brands: Only authentication in the respective OE portal, the installation of activation software and the acquisition of digital authorisations in the form of certificates, tokens or keys clear the way to the ECUs.

In order that independent workshops can continue to work competitively in the future, Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) has now implemented a universal key for legally unlocking secured vehicles in the mega macs software, with the new Cyber Security Management (CSM) function. This means that instead of registering individually with each OE portal and subjecting themselves to extensive checks, to obtain diagnostic releases for their customer vehicle’s, a one-time authentication with HGS is sufficient for the mega macs user. Proof of identification by passport or identity card is all it takes and the mega macs user then has a clear path to work on all vehicles with a security lock at the usual diagnostic depth.

The mega macs user is also spared the need to load and install manufacturer-specific decryption software on a notebook or PC, because HGS has implemented all the necessary modules for the exchange of vehicle-related security certificates with the vehicle manufacturer’s (VM’s) relevant servers and backends, in the mega macs software.

The CSM will be available to users of mega macs 42 SE, 56, 66, 77 devices and mega macs PC automatically from the update to software version 60 and will grow its coverage of the VM’s secured models step by step. The first integrated brands include FCA and Mercedes-Benz, followed by VW and Kia. Full implementations with Hyundai, Nissan and Renault are to follow shortly. Some of the security concepts of other VMs are still in the development phase, so HGS's resolution of this issue is a dynamic process.

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