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Breathe easy: Now is the time to upsell cabin filters

Date: Tuesday 14 July 2020

HELLA Hengst, a global leader in filtration and fluid management, is an original equipment (OE) supplier to many of the world’s vehicle manufacturers. Its cabin filters are particularly favoured due to their combination of design innovation and special features. As a result, they provide the aftermarket with a comprehensive replacement cabin filter solution, available in both active carbon and anti-bacterial (®) configurations.

Workshops have a large part to play when it comes to the air quality within their customers’ vehicles. By specifying a HELLA Hengst® cabin filter, they can optimise the air quality for the direct benefit of their customers in terms of a reduction in pollutants within the vehicle, which aids the driver’s concentration, makes them feel less tired and subsequently, reduces the risk of accidents due to driver fatigue.

A standard cabin filter is certainly a good first step as, in addition to its protective role over the air conditioning system, it will remove pollen and fine dust, whereas a carbon activated version goes even further by filtering out bad-smelling odours and hazardous gases such as ozone, smog and exhaust gases. However, the HELLA Hengst® filter also neutralises allergens and bacteria, making the environment particularly suitable for the family car.

Its first line of defence comes through an electrostatic medium that keeps out coarse particles, which is supported by a filter fleece that increases its dust retention capacity. An active carbon layer separates out vapours, odours and harmful gases, while so called ‘meltblown’ medium filters out fine dust including micro-particles with diameters smaller than 2.5 m. Finally, the biofunctional layer contains nanosilver, which has natural anti-bacterial properties, as well as an anti-microbial effect and jointly provides the five level protection from pollen, dust, mold/spores, odours and bacteria that makes the® the filter of choice for the discerning workshop.

HELLA Hengst’s® cabin filter offers the driver and passengers enhanced protection in the following areas:

Pollen – Between 10% and 30% of all adults and as many as 40% of children suffer from hayfever*. In the current climate, it’s especially important for the driver and passengers to avoid having to touch their face as much as possible. This is particularly difficult for hayfever suffers.
Fine dust – Fine dust particles can significantly affect the health of the driver and passengers, as they can penetrate deep into bronchial tubes or even get into the blood stream.
Mould and spores – Mould spores that can have an effect on someone’s health are everywhere, but they spread quicker when the weather is moist and warm.
Smells – No one wants to have unpleasant smells in their vehicle, to combat this, protects the drivers and passengers from pungent or acrid ammonia and sulphur gases.
Bacteria – An infinite number of types of bacteria are in the air all around, but thanks to a specialised coating, filters are resistant to bacteria.

Due to the sheer quantity of air cabin filters have to cope with, HELLA Hengst recommends that they are replaced annually or every 10,000 miles, which ever comes first. However, vehicles that spend most of their time being driven in busy traffic should have them changed twice a year, irrespective of their annual mileage.

For more information about the OE quality products available from HELLA Hengst, please call customer services on: 01295 662400 or email