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Banner – Powering the biker’s road ahead

Date: Thursday 28 April 2022

With spring now in full swing, and following a two year period drastically interfered with by Covid-19, it apears that motorcycle fans at last can look forward to hitting the roads with a vengeance in 2022, whilst enjoying the unlimited freedom this presents.

And it is here that Banner’s Bike Bull comes into play, by ensuring that bikers awaken their two wheeled companions with the perfect start. Both the Bike Bull AGM PROfessional and Banner Bike Bull GEL are starter batteries that help deliver two-wheel power at its finest.

Indeed robustness, reliability and power are the characteristics for which the Bike Bull brand and range is renowned. And with some 60 Bike Bull battery types being available in what is a market leading original equipment range, Andreas Bawart, Banner’s Commercial CEO, is keen to sing its praises:

“The innovative Bike Bull AGM PRO - a premium AGM+SLA battery - meets the requirements of Harley-Davidson, BMW and other bikes fitted with ABS and diverse special features perfectly. What’s more, owing to its high level of low temperature stability, this product is ideally suited to use in snowmobiles.”

In terms of its features, in tandem with fantastic cold start performance, the AGM battery is immune to tipping and leakages and also offers extreme vibration resistance. In addition, specialist bike retailers offering this ready-to-use battery type often boast about its cyclical resistance and the fact that it requires absolutely zero maintenance.

The Bike Bull GEL - another premium product from Banner - is a power pack that is specially designed for use in enduro and touring motorbikes. Standing as a highly advanced, quality battery with mat separators and electrolyte gel that delivers enhanced starting performance, Bike Bull GEL offers proven vibration and cyclical resistance whilst also being completely maintenance-free.

Make Time To Take Charge
Correct charging is essential if maximum bike battery life is to be realised. Long stand still periods lasting several weeks can have adverse consequences on the battery as deposits of lead sulphate can form. Unless the battery is charged immediately, the lead sulphate will prevent current intake, causing the battery to lose starting power and capacity, which can have a detrimental impact when it comes to cold starting. To avoid such problems, Banner offers a range of modern chargers and accessories, full details of which can be obtained by accessing Banner’s website: