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AS-PL UK Ltd Strategy begins to pay dividends

Date: Tuesday 06 February 2018

Six months into a whole new strategic plan in the UK and AS-PL are already seeing the benefits of the many changes they have adopted. Kevin Sharp, Director of Sales for AS-PL in UK &, Ireland adds &ldquo,the company were already active in the UK market, but were struggling to develop themselves or their brand. Despite exhibiting at Automechanika Birmingham over the past 2 years, people did not recognise the brand or the company&rdquo,. ,

AS-PL's Gdansk HQ

Sharp adds &ldquo,Therefore, it was imperative that our first priority was to work with our current customers and at the same time develop a long-term strategy in both marketing, for the company and the brand in the UK &, Ireland, as well as recognising and developing the strategy for who our client base should be over the coming years. The UK market is very competitive, as well as undergoing many challenges and changes and this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. Brexit is yet another challenge and as much as none of us know where it will lead, what we have seen in the past few months is the realisation that things will change. This has opened up many opportunities as potential customers try and do something different. Price, for many UK customers over the past few years has become the be-all-and-end-all, but again the realisation that this cannot be the only thing to sell a product on, coupled with the fact that all their competitors are doing the same thing, has lead to customers now wanting &lsquo,added value&rsquo,, as well the opportunity of supplying a new, different and unique &lsquo,brand&rsquo,&rdquo,.

AS-PL in the past few weeks have delivered a whole new pricing package to the UK Market as well as launching their brand new and improved website. Krzysztof Falk adds &ldquo,The company's new website automatically adapts to mobile devices. All you need is a tablet or mobile phone to log in to our secure e-store in order to purchase the necessary spare parts or components ". Sharp adds &ldquo,We (AS-PL) have improved our UK Market offer considerably in a very short time, new website with improved functionality and ordering processes, as well as completely overhauling our pricing strategy&rdquo,. This new opportunity for UK customers has not gone unnoticed in the market and in the past 2 months alone, several key current and target customers, have visited AS&rsquo,s Gdansk Warehouse and Lubichowo Factory facilities.