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AS-PL Italia has started the cooperation with AD Italia

Date: Tuesday 08 December 2020

AS-PL Italia has become the official supplier of the Autodis Italia and AD Giadi from the AD Italia group.

AD Giadi is an Italian brand that was created by the merger of Autodistribution Italia and Giadi Group. AD Giadi includes distributors of spare parts, that create a great family of enthusiasts and professionals in the automotive industry. The AD Giadi has a very restrictive approach to the selection of suppliers with whom it cooperates. The most important for them is the high quality of products that meet European standards and customer expectations.

The Autodis Italia purchasing group began operating in May 2017. Since then, it has been gradually developing, expanding its activities in Italy. Currently, more than 400 employees in 12 offices located in northern, central and southern Italy are responsible for the success of Autodis Italia.

The cooperation of AD Giadi and Autodis Italia made AD Italia one of the most important pillars of the automotive industry in Italy. Distributors with spare parts under the AD Italia brand are very popular and respected among professionals in the automotive industry.

AS-PL Italia has been operating since November 2019 and immediately marked its presence on the Italian market. The availability of products of AS brand in this country has increased, thanks to which customers have constant access to alternators, starters, and parts of the highest quality.

"Cooperation with the AD Italia group is a big step for us" - explains Maria Kotala-Thrun, Regional Sales Director Southern Europe & Africa at AS-PL Sp. z o.o. “Our goal, from the beginning of AS-PL Italia, was to increase the recognition of the AS brand in Italy. Now, thanks to our commitment, we gain the trust of a large purchasing group, as well as mechanics and garage owners. We hope that the cooperation with AD Giadi and Autodis Italia will be fruitful and constantly developed. We are proud of this agreement and we are looking forward to what the next months will bring” - informs Maria Kotala-Thrun.