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A virtual journey around AS-PL

Date: Monday 13 January 2020

AS-PL are inviting people to take part in a virtual walk around three of their branches located in Gdansk and Lubichowo. ,

Thanks to modern technical capabilities, it is now possible to see their buildings from a "bird's eye view" and walk freely around their offices, warehouses and production hall.

The idea of a virtual walk around the company was created a few months ago. They wanted to show that AS buildings are not only modern constructions, but also beautifully and ergonomically designed interiors, adapted to friendly and effective work for employees.

A virtual walk allows every room to be viewed, as well as interesting places and those which are generally not accessible. , AS-PL hopes that this New Year's surprise will be a great opportunity for people to get to know their company better.

The virtual walk can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. ,