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£540k investment in three new artics mark brand-building

Date: Thursday 28 January 2021

The delivery in mid-January of a fleet of three new artics, for automotive aftermarket giant NAPA, marks a £540k investment milestone for the brand in the UK.

Director of Logistics at the Alliance Automotive Group (AAG), Neil Warren commented,

“As demand for NAPA grows month on month, these trucks will not just form the backbone of one of the newest and most efficient logistic infrastructures in the UK’s automotive aftermarket, they will also make a significant contribution to NAPA brand presence in the regions we’re serving. Better still, that recognition will only increase as, whilst right now, these vehicles make up a quarter of our total fleet. There is another on its way already and by the end of 2021 the AAG artic fleet will be 50% NAPA branded. That’s a mark of the support AAG are putting behind driving the brand in the UK.”

New Vehicles for New Product Ranges
“The new trucks have not arrived a minute too soon,” according to NAPAs European Chief Brand Officer, Dominique Peacock, “following the 2020 launch of 16 brand new NAPA product ranges into the UK automotive aftermarket, including our Braking, Filters, Batteries and Wiper Blade programmes. New ranges will join the NAPA family in 2021. Our Bulbs range launched this week and Brake Cleaner, Brake Fluid, CVJ’s and Driveshafts will be arriving soon.”

Dominique said,

"With new NAPA signage, merchandising and marketing packages planned for 2021, as well as sponsorship of a racing team and programme of regional sport sponsorship, there’s never been a better time for trade customers to consider NAPA as awareness of the brand flourishes."