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2 more first-to-market brake pads

Date: Monday 19 October 2020

Attention aftermarket! Delphi Technologies Aftermarket is announcing 2 MORE first-to-market brake pad applications: This time for the all-new 2020 Honda Jazz and 2019 Peugeot 208.

With such high-profile applications, garages will want to keep these brake pads stocked and ready for the repair. And since we’re first-to-market, our customers can prepare for these new service opportunities well before their competition gets up to speed.

First-to-market brake pads: 2020 Honda Jazz
The Honda Jazz has always been a top seller in Europe with the previous generation reaching 208K in sales. The all-new 2020 Honda Jazz introduces the model’s fourth-generation with a smooth contour facelift and a new hybrid powertrain that will be sold exclusively across Europe. It’s the first vehicle to carry the “e:HEV” branding, advancing Honda’s electrification goal for all mainstream models in Europe to feature electrified powertrains by 2022.

Fortunately, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket braking program offers 99.76% Honda pad coverage in the EU, providing garages with OE quality parts to service any model type today and tomorrow.

And Honda isn’t the only Asian vehicle manufacturer investing in the European market. In fact, Asian VIO forecast growth is estimated to be over 15.3% from 2019 to 2023. The European aftermarket should expect to see a large range of Asian vehicle models in need of service very soon.

As a Delphi Technologies Aftermarket customer, there’s no need to worry about not having the replacement parts available for this fast-growing service opportunity. Because we are a leading OE manufacturer, we are able to see vehicle trends before they reach the aftermarket. That’s why we’ve extended our braking line-up for Japanese and Korean applications to cover over 99% of the European parc on pads and 97.7% on discs.

Delphi Technologies Aftermarket braking program offers OE insight, industry-leading coverage, and multiple first-to-market brake pad applications (like the Toyota Supra and Hyundai i10) that allow our customers to be ready for every repair.

First-to-market brake pads: 2019 Peugeot 208
If you thought the Honda Jazz numbers were impressive, brace yourself for the Peugeot 208. The previous generation sales in Europe for this popular B-segment car reached a staggering 1.56M.

Similar to the 2020 model for the Jazz, the 2019 model introduces a new generation for the 208 with an attractive new design. But unlike Honda, Peugeot is offering the 208 with a 1.5 diesel powertrain, further proving there’s still plenty of mileage left in the tank for diesel cars in the aftermarket. The all-new 2019 Peugeot 208 is following in its previous generation’s footsteps, achieving over 224K in sales last year, maintaining its 6th place standing out of the top 25 selling cars in Europe.

This should come as no surprise considering Peugeot is near the top of the list of Europe’s best-selling car manufacturers. Our customers can again be at ease because our braking program offers 99.61% Peugeot pad coverage in the EU. With the help of Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, our customers can position themselves as the go-to garage for Peugeot brake service and repair.

First-to-market applications provide our customers with new service opportunities before their competition, but our speed to market is just one of the benefits of Delphi Technologies Aftermarket braking program.

We never put speed over quality, which is why our brake pads feature 100% in-house friction manufacturing that’s been tested and proven against our competition. We also offer marketing leading brake pad coverage of all VMs in the EU at 99.05%. And to top it off, we offer advanced diagnostic support for 138 vehicle brands and 1,870 vehicle models.