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ZF Oil Analysis Test Kit cuts the cost of repair and maintenance

Date: 07-Mar-2019

ZF Services has introduced an Oil Analysis Testing Kit, now available from UK stock to help commercial vehicle operators and maintainers to understand the health of their transmissions, axles and other key components. Through detailed analysis, interpretation and practical recommendations, the service guides users through maintenance, closely supported by their market product support team. 

Oil analysis is the process of extracting a sample of oil for laboratory testing and the ZF sample kit (ZF part number 5961.200.651) provides an excellent insight into the health of both the component itself and the oil condition.  It means customers can review mechanical wear, manage oil change replacement and assess contaminants such as dirt and water.

Operators simply draw a sample of fluid from their equipment and using the included form and pre-paid envelope, send it to the lab for a range of comprehensive tests. The resulting data is then analysed so that practical recommendations can be issued by email. Results are made available within 48 hours of sample receipt at the laboratory and sample results can also be reviewed online at: If oil or filter changes are required, the data and recommendations will advise the operator and they can schedule maintenance. Equally, if mechanical wear is evident this can be addressed before a costly failure occurs. 

ZF also provides supporting literature with every oil sample kit including a Component Health Check guide featuring five steps on how to take a representative sample using one of the two main extraction methods; Live Oil Sampling, using a valve located on the equipment, and Vacuum Extraction Sampling, by drawing a sample from the oil reservoir using a pump (ZF part number 5961.307.067). 

Andy Derz, Commercial Vehicle Business Manager for ZF Services UK said: “The Oil Analysis Test Kit reflects our determination to constantly develop our services, ensuring customers have access to an array of advanced support complementing our exciting range of field service diagnostics and telematics offerings.

“Specifically, it enables users to lower their owning and operating costs with the confidence that ZF is at hand to support their requirement. By moving to a condition-based approach to maintenance, the service can help eliminate the risk of premature failure as a result of issues such as contamination, fatigue and incorrect oil selection.”

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