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Why Quality Matters: Driving customer loyalty for garage owners with OSRAM OE halogen and xenon automotive bulbs

Date: 01-Apr-2019

For garage owners, OSRAM Original Equipment Quality Halogen and Xenon automotive bulbs can offer:

  • Longer life
  • Fewer failures
  • Greater customer satisfaction

You know the problem: you supplied and fitted non-OE bulbs to your customer car and not long afterwards, they are back complaining that the bulbs have dimmed or are no longer working. This is bad for your customer and bad for your garage.

Imagine a different scenario. You recommend OSRAM OE quality Halogen or Xenon bulbs, because they are safer, brighter and last longer. Your customer recognises your desire to offer excellent products and customer service and recommends your garage to their friends on social media and by word of mouth. Nice!

Specifying OSRAM OE bulbs will help to make your customers happy, driving customer loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction. Why? Here are the facts.

Unlike non-OE bulbs, with OSRAM Original Equipment quality you and your customers can be confident that you do not need to worry about:

  • the lifetime of the bulb 
  • lumen maintenance
  • vibration resistance 

What’s more, OSRAM Original Equipment conforms to higher overall product standards than required by law, so you can avoid the hassle of filling out warranty claims.

More than 50% of cars in the UK already have OSRAM Original Equipment bulbs fitted on the production line from the factory. Through OSRAM’s UK stockist partners and distributors, drivers can enjoy the satisfaction of longer-lasting, brighter performance bulbs for the lifetime of their car ownership.

Light for longer
Fit OSRAM Original Equipment for complete customer satisfaction.
For more information on OSRAM Original Equipment bulbs visit

The full range of OSRAM ORIGINAL OE and performance upgrade bulbs are available from UK stockist partners and distributors.

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