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Valeo Service releases its new reference clutch catalogue 2017/2018

Date: 04-Sep-2017

The new 2017/2018 edition of the Clutch catalogue dedicated to passenger cars and LCV applications for all Valeo Service aftermarket product ranges has been released in August 2017.

The catalogue presents the full Valeo Service offer consisting of more than 3,000 transmission products among which clutch kits, DMF, passive hydraulic actuation and spare parts. The catalogue covers clutch applications from the Volkswagen Golf I to the latest Mercedes A Class or Citroën DS3. Valeo Service offers one of the widest European car park coverage of clutch products and the range keeps increasing as Valeo Service launches more than 300 new products per year.

All the latest technological innovations are included, like the DMF with inner-damper, the hydraulic CSC for sequential gearboxes, the Valeo Self-Adjusting Technology (SAT, 29 p/n) and the High Efficiency Clutch kits (HEC, 80 p/n) that have been specifically developed for the aftermarket. SAT is a revolutionary technology using a self adjusting facing wear compensation device on the pressure plate increasing its effective thickness as the drive plate facing is wearing, while HEC is a robust combination of an improved cover assembly and a low wear facing material. Both are offering a constant and optimum pedal effort during the entire clutch life and don’t require any specific tool to be mounted contrary to other solutions proposed on the aftermarket.

The application section lists vehicles according to their engines, gearboxes, dates and other technical limitations like chassis or engine cuts, and presents the Valeo references and their combinations adapted to each specific vehicles’ configurations. All famous Valeo Service aftermarket ranges are proposed and identified by specific pictograms offering tailor-made solutions for the distributors and the garagists: traditional 2-piece kits, 3-piece kits with mechanical bearings, DMF and KIT4P™, and also the new ranges of 3-piece kits with CSC, KIT4P™ with CSC and FullPACK DMF™.

The all-in-one solution FullPACK DMF™ includes the DMF, the disc, the cover and the bearing (mechanical or hydraulic) in a single box and ensure the perfect match of components and make product identification and repair easier. This successful offer of already more than 60 p/n is growing rapidly with more than 18 new p/n to be launched in Europe from July to December 2017.

Apart from the application list, the catalogue includes several useful sections to help identify the right parts and combinations: the OES and IAM crosses sections, the buyer’s guide with all detailed technical characteristics, 45 pages of high resolution coloured pictures of front and rear views of the hydraulic actuation offer to check fixing points and pipes and make the right choice.

Valeo Service data can also be found in all main online catalogues in Europe among which TecDoc with the certification Data supplier; ETAI and MAM in the UK.

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