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Technical Teaser: Ford fuel failure for the C-Max - Auto Education Academy Technical Bulletin

Date: 10-Dec-2019

The Auto Education Academy, Euro Car Parts’ training division, regularly issues technical bulletins to provide technicians across the country with crucial vehicle servicing information. It forms part of Euro Car Parts’ commitment to the aftermarket industry, aiming to assist repairers in conducting high-quality work with the best information at hand. This latest bulletin takes a look at a recurring problem in Ford C-Max multi-purpose vehicles equipped with the 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine (134kW/182HP).

Can you determine the cause of the symptoms before checking the provided solution below?

Technical teaser
A Ford C-Max arrives at your workshop with problems in its heater fuel system. You run diagnostics and are presented the following code recorded in the auxiliary heater control unit (AHCM):
B1D32 – Multiple interruption of the flame during the heating cycle.

Do you know the solution? Here is what the Auto Education Academy recommends…

The Auto Education Academy Solution
This issue is caused by defects in the fuel supply line of the additional heater – therefore, this technical note is only relevant to vehicles equipped with an additional heater. Once the problem is identified, follow the repair procedure outlined below:

1. Read the fault codes recorded by the auxiliary heater control unit (AHCM) using a diagnostic tool.
2. Confirm that the fault code listed above is displayed and the symptoms match what you are seeing.
3. Purge the additional heater fuel system.
4. Check the condition of the fuel lines between the tank and the additional heater.
5. Check for the presence of bubbles in the fuel line by using a transparent line.
6. Check the condition of the fuel line adapter on the top part of the tank.
7. Install a new fuel gauge if the condition of the line adapter is poor.
8. Clear the fault codes recorded by the auxiliary heater control unit (AHCM) using a diagnostic tool.

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