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Date: 19-Jun-2017

Over the last few years, the number of UK-based suppliers providing their replacement parts information to the TecDoc CATALOG database has grown significantly and they form part of the total that now stands at more than 660 brands. This growth directly benefits those motor factors that use the CATALOG system alongside their existing IT platform, to ensure that they supply the right part, first time to their valued workshop customers.

“This is possible because of the system’s accessibility via the Internet”, explains Shaun Greasley, regional sales director for TecAlliance UK and Ireland, “so in addition to the number of brands it represents and the accuracy of all the combined data it contains, users have the distinct advantage that a TecDoc licence allows them to keep a PC browser window open so they can quickly check the details and find the correct solution when their existing parts catalogue system throws up multiple options for a particular application.

“Moreover, TecDoc CATALOG also allows factors to define the aftermarket availability for parts they might perceive to be available only through the franchised dealer network. An excellent working example are turbo hoses, which many factors still believe they cannot source outside of the dealer, but which are, in fact, available through a number of TecDoc suppliers.

“Another development that has promoted competition and opened up opportunities for factors is the integration of the TecDoc CATALOG system into the Kerridge Commercial Systems ERP platform. Ensuring that our data is fully integrated with any software system provider a factor may realistically choose to adopt, is obviously a sensible strategy for us as we would not want to limit them when it comes to these important decisions.”

“TecAlliance also ensures that technicians are not forgotten by developing RMI technical service and repair data, which provides technicians with multiple product options for diagnostic fault finding, as well as general service and repair schedules, requirements and processes. The system contains almost seven million items of technical data, more than 21.5 million repair times, 230,000 service plans and 900,000 repair instructions.

“In addition to these highly impressive numbers, RMI’s winning hand for workshops looking for a competitive advantage, is its vehicle recall and service update information, a unique feature, which allows them to proactively target genuine opportunities. By adding the Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) option to the standard RMI package, workshops are able to directly access internal vehicle manufacturer bulletins, service notices and recalls, including current changes.

“With this option, workshops using a customer database can proactively target their customers with a specific recall message, which could contain safety critical information. If, on the other hand, they operate without a customer database, the system can still be interrogated to search for relevant recalls on vehicles that are in the workshop on the day.

"In the same way, the service notice element allows the workshop to remain fully up-to-date with any new developments to an existing service schedule or with a particular amendment that needs to be made due to an unforeseen component reliability issue. Each function provides the user with a service action, which states the fault symptom, the cause and the remedy. It also lists the parts that are required to complete the job, along with their part numbers and any special tools that are needed.

“As a result, RMI and the additional TSB option provide workshops with information that will help their business efficiency, profitability and overall customer service level, as well as allowing them to actively target the franchised sector.”
For more information about TecAlliance, please contact Shaun Greasley on: 01829 752888 or email:

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