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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Statement from Ring to their customers

Date: 01-Apr-2020

In view of the clearly deteriorating situation in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to do all possible to protect our staff. Consequently, we are essentially shutting  the Gelderd Road site in Leeds for the next 3 weeks.

In arriving at this decision we have also taken into account our position in the aftermarket supply chain, recognising that with the universality of Bulb applications we are not considered as being a critical Vehicle Off The Road (VOR) parts supplier.

However, with exterior lighting being a safety critical component on any vehicle, we also have an obligation to the Road Transport Industries in order to keep the Supply Chain moving.

Whilst we have ensured that there are enough key stocks in our national/regional wholesalers & distributors, we recognise that there may be a need for additional emergency orders. Consequently, we will be monitoring throughout every day the order input which comes in through the existing platforms incl. e-mail. We will then be doing all possible to send out all orders judged as emergency orders within a short period of time.

The key exception to the above closure is our Ambulance Manufacturing and Supply Subsidiary  – Ring Carnation. Understandably, we will be doing all possible to keep this business fully operational in order to do our bit in helping keep the NHS open and functioning.

Naturally, alongside our industry bodies, we will be reviewing  the situation & our policy on a regular basis and will advise you, our customers, accordingly.

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