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SONNE further increases refinish offering

Date: 17-Jul-2017

The accident repair and refinish industry is growing at a rapid pace, causing uncertainty for some, but creating opportunity for others. In the last few years, global coatings manufacturers and UK based distributors have made acquisitions to strengthen their position in the market. These developments have led to a ‘supermarket style’ approach, where all products are available to every distributor, but offering little value as the price is being driven down, adversely impacting the service and support available to the end user.

HELLA’s paint brand, Sonne, is rewarding the business owners who have embraced a different model for the market and taken control of their business, by creating a concise network of independent distributors that are focused on the ‘free to choose’ accident and refinish markets and are creating value for their customers, while safeguarding their own future. Sonne is dedicated to providing high quality, compliant coatings, maximising value for everyone and focusing on the perfect finish. At the same time, Sonne is revolutionising the perception of the free to choose market by guaranteeing speed, accuracy and consistency.

Sonne is committed to expanding its range, which is why it has recently introduced an anti-scratch clearcoat, fade out thinner, accelerated thinner and even offers new tin sizes in order to help its valued customers.

The anti-scratch clearcoat complements the existing range of clearcoats. This new product has a range of hardeners and thinners that can be used to ensure successful results in the most challenging environments on any job, from a full respray to smart repairs and everything in between. The ‘extra fast hardener’ takes just 15 minutes to bake!

The recent addition of a fade out thinner enables the fast and invisible ‘melt in’ of local repairs and clearcoat edges and is compatible with all Sonne clearcoats.

The accelerated thinner was released earlier in the year to coincide with Sonne’s 420 compliant clearcoats, which increases capability, efficiency and drives down costs due to its reduced bake time.

In addition to these exciting new products, Sonne has introduced more tin sizes in response to customer requests, which will be for Sonne’s most popular hardeners and thinners, making the range more user friendly and assists in cutting costs to the bodyshop.

Head of Paint Division, Paul Tredgold, said: “Since our launch last year, we’ve been increasingly busy as we’ve had such a great response from the industry, which is why we’ve had to expand our portfolio. Each product is made from the highest quality material and continues to provide an excellent value benefit for the distributor and bodyshop end user.”

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