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Ring Zoom240 Rechargeable Head Torch Wins Car Mechanics Best Buy Award 2018

Date: 04-Jun-2018

Car Mechanics Magazine has named the Ring RIT1070 Zoom240 Rechargeable Inspection Head Torch the Best Buy 2018 in its latest product test.

The Zoom240 was pitted against five other head torches, all of which were assessed on lumen output, battery operating time and price, as well as how well they performed in workshop conditions. They were all used by technicians in a working garage, who were able to add their real-world experience of the head torches into the judging process.

The Zoom240 was the head torch with the highest score, being “the favourite with our mechanics”. They liked the “sophisticated” design and that the head torch is easy to turn off – no need to scroll through the settings if it’s been on for longer than 10 seconds. Overall, this was the best on test and was given the Best Buy 2018 award.

This is the second inspection light to be recognised by Car Mechanics magazine in 2018, with the Ring RUBL1000 Under Bonnet Lamp being named as the Best Buy 2018 in March.

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