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Replacing the turbo on a Transit? Then fit a new oil strainer and oil feed pipe, advise BTN Turbo

Date: 03-May-2017

When replacing the turbo on a Ford Transit 2.2/2.4/2.5LD or Land Rover, best practice is to replace the oil strainer and oil feed pipe. The sump should be removed and cleaned, and a new oil strainer and oil feed pipe fitted. Then after 100 miles, change the oil and filter again to reduce carbon build-up in the lubrication system. 

Most failures of this turbocharger are caused by abrasives in the oil system or a restricted oil feed to the turbocharger. Performing the above actions will reduce the risk of damage to the new turbocharger.

The above applies to part Numbers: 49131-05403, 49S31-05403/05403E, 49S31-05313/05313E, 752610-5032S/0032E and 767933-5015S/0015E. See the critical instruction section on our website.

Some applications are particularly prone to blockages in the turbo oil feed pipe, which can potentially cause terminal turbo damage. That’s why, for example, it’s now mandatory to fit a new oil feed pipe kit to validate your BTN warranty when replacing the turbo on a PSA 1.6HDi engine – see the critical instruction on our website.

When you need to replace a turbo, don't risk it with non-OE. BTN Turbo supplies either brand new OE or manufacturer’s remanufactured OE. So insist on a BTN-supplied 100% OE turbo from your motor factor. See why.

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