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Philips RacingVision is 2017 Headlamp of the Year

Date: 24-Oct-2017

Philips RacingVision headlight bulbs, developed by Lumileds, has been named Auto Express Headlamp Bulb of the Year.
Auto Express is the UK’s best-selling weekly motoring magazine and the only publication in the UK to regularly test automotive upgrade products and accessories. Auto Express is a sister publication of Auto Plus, Auto Bild and other associated national titles. 
The Auto Express Product Awards presentations were introduced twelve years ago and during that time, Philips bulbs have won Headlamp Bulb of the Year seven times, in addition to being awarded for overall best Car Accessory of the Year.
Philips RacingVision: up to +150% brighter light* for enhanced safety  
Philips RacingVision headlight bulbs provide up to 150% brighter light*, for better visibility and greater contrast. They are probably the strongest legal halogen lamp ever manufactured. 

Drivers regularly find themselves in challenging conditions—from driving at night to winter conditions to poorly lit country roads. Faced with unexpected danger, reaction time is everything. 
Even split seconds can make a crucial difference to drivers safety. The superior beam performance of the Philips RacingVision headlamp helps drivers identify dangerous situations faster and stay in control of their vehicle – whatever road conditions they are facing.
Bring motorsport performance to the road driver 
The specific color temperature (up to 3,500 Kelvin) of Philips RacingVision also help drivers' eyes focus better. They therefore have greater control and confidence, and can relax into a safer and more enjoyable journey.
"Our Philips RacingVision headlamps are engineered for performance and safety through visibility, two characteristics that are dear to drivers who are passionate about their car and taking it on the road,” said Kevin Gourven, Product Manager Lamps and LEDs at Lumileds “They are looking for the highest quality so that they can maximize safety and the comfort of the performance driving experience, for themselves as much as for their passengers and other road users."
Best-in-class like all Philips products, RacingVision bulbs are among the brightest, thanks to their optimized high precision filament geometry, up to thirteen bars of high pressure gas filled, high quality anti-UV-quartz-glass with chrome coating. They set a new standard in automotive lighting.
Philips premium quality you can trust
Philips automotive products and services are considered best-in-class in the Original Equipment Manufacturer market and the aftermarket. Our entire product range is thoroughly tested, controlled and certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000) to the highest ECE requirements, and designed to maximize the safety and comfort for our customers’ driving experience. 
Philips RacingVision headlamps now available in H4 and H7 at major automotive resellers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 
*Compared to the minimum legal standard.

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