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Performance parts: a perfect opportunity

Date: 14-Jun-2019

As we say goodbye to the cold and dreary months and welcome the warm weekends, there are opportunities to be made for workshops in-the-know. Spring marks the start of the show season and owners of performance vehicles dig out last year’s to-do lists, wipe away the winter grime and begin to plan. We spoke with Helen Robinson, marketing director at Euro Car Parts, to find out how workshops can help those with the desire to modify.

“While some prefer to work on their cars themselves, there are many that don’t have the time or know-how. It’s a great time of year for automotive enthusiasts and workshops can tap into this when owners turn to their local independent workshop to get their trickier jobs done. 

“Performance parts are a much easier job in many ways. For the most part, there’s no need to go hunting for a fault or trying to diagnose an obscure mechanical noise, it’s much more about replacing the stock part with the performance version. This is true across the most popular categories of performance parts: filtration, brakes, steering and suspension and exhausts. When it comes to enthusiasts, selecting the right brand is vital to ensuring the customer receives a high-quality component that will meet their expectations.

“Euro Car Parts’ performance arm operates a pricing system whereby, regardless of volume, you can see how much the part will cost alongside a recommended retail price. This enables workshops to price a job before picking up the phone. 

“Independent workshops should make the most of the opportunity and be vocal about their performance credentials. The relative ease of the work means that there is a healthy profit to be made for those who are interested.” 

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