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Our Virtual Academy becomes IMI Approved Training Centre

Date: 23-Jan-2019

Online training provider is proud to announce it has now become an IMI Approved Training Centre with its first IMI Certified offering being an online interactive video based course on “Hybrid and EV Awareness”. 

Ben Stockton, Managing Director at adds, “after a number of requests, including an order to train over 800 team members for one of our client’s, it became clear there’s a significant demand for our high quality and efficient training approach. The beauty of our Hybrid and EV Awareness Training is where conventionally, for an organisation to access certified training such as this, the learners would have to attend a costly face to face training event, with our course, it is delivered 100% online. This makes it a hugely cost effective investment creating savings in training fees, travel and accommodation and lost productivity. Also, as the content can be referred back to multiple times, the system gives learners the ability to ‘re-learn’ on  demand. Learners are able to access the IMI Certified Programme thought their mobile, table or PC, and as the content is modular, they can learn in bite sized pieces. Once the learner has successfully completed the modular 2 hour interactive video training event plus successfully passing the final exam, they will be issued with an IMI Quality Assured Programme Certificate.” 

If you are interested in hearing more about, they can be contacted on 020 3286 2228 or emailed at

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