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New LED Under-bonnet Work Light JESPL-120/AJ

Date: 23-Mar-2017

Fast growing tools brand Angry Jester has launched a new under-bonnet work light, now available exclusively from The Parts Alliance.

The unit features 120 LEDs, split into two rows of 60 which can give even distribution of up to 700 Lumens of bright white light, with the option to run at half power with only one row lit.

Thanks to a powerful 7.4V 2000mAh Lithium cell battery, technicians benefit from up to 6 hours bright illumination; charging is easy too as it comes with both mains and 12V chargers.

The integral hanger will work perfectly with bonnet mounting, whilst powerful magnets in the light’s end caps can be swivelled to enable easy fixing to most metal surfaces. 

An adjustable spring-loaded telescopic frame allows the lamp, which can also swivel 120 degrees in its holder, to be extended from 1.2m to 1.95m for complete flexibility.

“Reaction from customers has been great,” said Wyn Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Angry Jester. “It’s an astonishing professional work light that’s a great addition to any workshop.”

The new LED Under-bonnet work light (JESPL-120/AJ) is available now from the local branch of your nearest member of The Parts Alliance.

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