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New DPF cleaning service offers garages new opportunity

Date: 30-Jan-2017

Randstad Ltd has launched a brand new diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning service including collection, testing, complete cleaning and return of the product, offering the additional benefit of removing stubborn ash from the DPF.

The service – provided at Randstad’s head office in Cramlington, Northumberland, provides an enhanced cleaning option to complement TerraClean’s efficient and effective DPF cleaning tool, which thoroughly removes carbon deposits from the DPF without removal.

Promising a 72-hour turnaround, the experienced TerraClean experts collect the DPF from a garage. Then at its facility, the DPF undergoes a flow test to read the pressures and assess its condition. 

The cleaning process involves the removal of ash, which is created as part of the vehicle’s regeneration processes and not adequately removed by any on-vehicle cleaning options.

A second flow test is carried out to ensure that the unit’s back pressure and flow readings are at acceptable operational levels, before the filter is packaged and returned to the customer. 

As DPF removal now incurs MOT failure if fitted as standard to a vehicle, TerraClean’s service is a welcomed solution to motorists and garages.

John Bowen from JB Motor Repairs said: “I had a DPF cleaned that was full of ash and needed replacing. Randstad picked it up on the Wednesday, cleaned it and I had it back on the Friday morning and fitted to the customer’s car. It performed as a brand new DPF and my customer was thrilled as a replacement was extremely costly.”

Phillip Dowd, Randstad sales director, added: “Clogged DPFs are a growing problem for motorists and we have a complete suite of products to ensure garages have an effective solution that causes minimal disruption and costs to the motorist.”

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