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More than 500 IAM new references launched in 2019 available in the new Sogefi’s aftermarket catalogues

Date: 08-Nov-2019

Sogefi, the automotive components company of CIR Group, has released the fully updated 2020 catalogues in 10 languages for each of its light vehicle aftermarket filter brands: Purflux, Fram® and CoopersFiaam.

Over 6700 items including more than 500 IAM new references launched in 2019 available in the printed and the online catalogue versions. Stand out New to range items include: the fuel filter of PSA 1.5 BlueHDi, Fiat Multijet Engine; the oil filter of Mercedes A Class 2018, BMW X2, Peugeot 508 II, PSA 1.5 BlueHDi, Alpine A110 II; the engine air filter of Fiat 500X, Ford Mondeo V, Opel / Vauxhall Combo D, VW 1.0TFSI; and the cabin air filter of Opel Astra K / Vauxhall, Audi A4 2018, Porsche 911 2017, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai i30 III 2017, and the Toyota Yaris III 2018.

Sogefi strives to make all filters available for the independent aftermarket a few months after the vehicle release.

With this last range extension, the car parc coverage has increased by almost 12 Million cars in Europe, positioning Sogefi as the number 1 IAM supplier for car parc coverage in oil filter module (96%* coverage) and diesel filter module (96%* coverage); with a strong car parc coverage in engine air filter (93%*) and cabin air filter family (93,7%*).

Sogefi also boasts the 1st oil filter module and the 2nd fuel filter module as OE supplier in Europe. (*data: Jan 2018).

The book which contains more than 70 new pages covers all the filters families for Passenger Cars and Light Vans, including the new Cabin3Tech+ range - that stops up to 98.8% of fine particles - providing a new choice in addition to the Pollen and the Activated Carbon filters. A useful summary page at the beginning enables the reader to make a quick and easy informed product selection from the range, saving time and effort.

All the catalogues are also available online on the relevant brand’s app Purflux, FRAM® (Europe) and CoopersFiaam and website:, and

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