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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Metropolitan Police technicians complete electric vehicle training with Alliance Automotive Group UK’s technical training partner Steve Carter

Date: 30-Jul-2018

On Wednesday 20th June the first 12 technicians from the Metropolitan Police completed the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) EV 2.2 course at Hayes Engineering in Erith, one of the group’s AutoCare garage network members. The technicians then went on to complete EV Level 3 at Babcock Critical Services, Park Royal, London on Friday 13th July, to become fully qualified to work on and repair electric or plug-in electric vehicles.

The IMI EV/PHEV training courses are broken down into levels 1, 2/2.2 and 3. The EV 2.2 course is the awareness and knowledge-based training for those that will encounter damaged or broken down electric or plug-in electric vehicles. The EV Level 3 course is an additional day of training which builds upon the knowledge gained from EV 2.2 and on completion delegates are qualified to repair damaged or broken down electric or plug-in electric vehicles.

By the end of 2018 the Metropolitan Police will have at least 300 electric vehicles on the road, so the need for specific EV/PHEV training was high on the agenda. Vehicle tech for Babcock International, who have the maintenance and repair contract for the Metropolitan Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade were at the Professional Motor Mechanic event at Sandown Park in November last year. After watching the presentation which Steve Carter delivered on the industry changes that would affect technicians working on electric or plug-in electric vehicles from June 2018, they booked their first lot of technicians on the new IMI EV/PHEV training courses.

A further 40 technicians are booked to attend the EV Level 1 awareness qualification, which will take place on 24th August 2018.

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