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MAM solutions help Motive Components future-proof its business

Date: 29-Jan-2019

Motive Components, which has been a customer of MAM Software since the company was founded in 1984, recently updated its systems so they are more in line with its current ways of working. 

The company moved to Autopart Online after a company-wide review of its systems suggested a more flexible way of working was necessary. The cloud-based solution means the company's data is stored and backed up remotely, enabling customer-facing teams to access the information they need when they are out of the office.

Using Software-as-a-Service means Motive Components can benefit from the functionality of traditional software, without the time and costs associated with maintaining server infrastructure.

Brett Cotton, purchasing director at Motive Components, explained how the software will improve communication between departments, as various MAM and internal programs can be plugged directly in to Autopart. 

He also expects the move to Autopart Online will bring long-term financial benefits to the company, as they won't need to manually install any future software updates. 

"We anticipate an increase in business efficiencies. This includes saving time on administrative tasks, ease of updates as we have eliminated the need to load separately on each computer, and allowing for more focus to be channelled towards our customers.

"The flexibility that comes with the online platform will allow our team to manage customer orders without geographic limitations, increasing productivity and customer service," said Brett. 

Familiarity with MAM systems has meant that members of staff have quickly been able to pick up how to use the software, keeping disruption to a minimum during the transition. 

The next key consideration for Motive Components will be adding an Origin WebTrade e-commerce platform to their system, MAM Software's B2B e-commerce solution that directly integrates with Autopart for seamless online trading.

"As a B2B company, our customers will increasingly expect us to offer e-commerce functionality in the future to enable them to place orders more easily. By meeting this need, we would expect to see an increase in customer satisfaction and orders," Brett added.

Mark Kendall, sales director at MAM Software, commented: "Motive Components is the perfect example of how our systems are developed to meet customers' ever-changing needs.

"We are constantly updating and refining the products we offer so they fit seamlessly into business environments. Autopart Online is no exception, and we're delighted that the software is making such a difference to Motive Components' day-to-day operations."

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