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MAM encourages catalogue users to prepare for forthcoming update

Date: 14-Jun-2019

MAM Software is reminding users of its popular Autocat catalogue to prepare for a forthcoming update by ensuring their software is up to date. Users of Autocat v8 are encouraged to upgrade to v9.0 ahead of the rollout of v9.1 in the coming weeks.

Autocat is an all-makes parts catalogue that can be used to quickly identify and compare components for a specific vehicle or application. Information is automatically updated via the internet, so the most up-to-date specifications are always available.

Nigel Clemett, general manager of MAM Software, said: "A number of our customers are still using Autocat v8, meaning they are missing out on some of the latest functionality we have introduced over recent months.

"Updating to v9.0 is simple and we would recommend anyone who hasn't to do so ahead of the forthcoming launch of Autocat v9.1."

The Autocat v9.0 update can be achieved by pressing F12, then F11, and following the on-screen instructions.

Autocat v9.0 incorporates a number of features that are not available in Autocat v8. These include a product tree, shortcut buttons and an improved user interface, which helps users gain access to product information quickly and easily. Matching on Euro emissions standards provides greater accuracy when searching for exhaust systems, and extended product descriptions help differentiate between standard, start-stop and auxiliary batteries.

The upcoming release of Autocat v9.1, which will be rolled out in the near future, will further improve functionality and enhance the user experience. Features will include a new accessories catalogue*, with support for tools, equipment, car care, consumables and accessories; the ability to customise the layout of shortcut buttons that appear in the new quick-access menu, and a new button to view a vehicle's MOT history and due date using the DVSA database. The release will include additional enhancements to further improve catalogue data accuracy, as well as fixes to improve the stability and reliability of the application.

*The accessories catalogue will be available as a chargeable extra.

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