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MAHLE enhances Caremetix® coverage

Date: 19-Jun-2017

MAHLE Aftermarket has introduced six new cabin air filters under the CareMetix® brand as the new five layer filters continue to offer enhanced vehicle parc coverage.

The new cabin air filter, LAO 73/S, covers the BMW 5 Series, while part number, LX2624, covers Ford Focus and Transit Connect.

Meanwhile, the cabin air filter, LAO 81, provides coverage for Mercedes A-Class and Vaneo, and the filter, LAO 117, covers Fiat Croma 194, Saab, Vauxhall Combo, Corsa, Signum, Tigra and Vectra.

Part number LAO 74 covers Vauxhall Zafira and LAO 138 is suitable for Citroen C2, C3, C4 and DS4, as well as Peugeot 1007, 307 and finally 1007. 

Roadside odours deriving from pungent ammonia and sulphur gases are prone to entering a vehicle cabin, but specific layers within the CareMetix® brand of filters remove these uninvited scents leaving the cabin fresh and free from ammonia.

MAHLE has built up more than 70 years of filtration experience and continually introduces filters of the highest quality that feature the latest technology and a wide range of filter mediums from paper to melt-blown fibre, filtering particles as small as 1μm - 50 times smaller than an average human hair.

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