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InAutomotive launches 2018 annual jobseekers report

Date: 06-Mar-2019

InAutomotive has recently released its first annual jobseekers report for 2018.

The niche jobs site has revealed key findings surrounding professionals in the automotive industry.

The research includes data on salary, gender, age range, category profiles, job hotpoints and top growth areas. The figures contributed derive from the jobs advertised and surveys completed by jobseekers on InAutomotive’s website.

Key findings in particular reveal how male oriented the automotive industry is presently, and how the demand for technicians has contributed to a surge in the average salary being offered for the role YoY.

The report also reveals information surrounding a jobseekers motivation to find a new job, which showed that 44% of automotive jobseekers surveyed were ‘looking for a new challenge’.

CEO Ian Partington, said: “This is a first for us, and I’m really pleased with the end result. We wanted to be able to give recruiters an insight in to how or why jobseekers search for jobs, to help improve their own recruitment strategy.”

It’s very much a candidate’s market today, so if we want to attract and retain top talent, particularly the Millennial generation, we have to adapt our strategies to meet their needs - which is where data like this proves useful for anyone reconsidering their recruitment processes.”

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