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How an EDT treatment benefits engines with variable valve timing

Date: 16-Sep-2019

Engine The technology employed by multi-award winning engine decontamination specialist EDT Automotive has demonstrated its emissions-busting and fuel-saving capabilities time and time again on countless cars across the UK, breaking down the carbon and sludge which accumulates over time.

Typically, a treatment gives customers better fuel economy, increasing MPG by up to 26%, as well as a more responsive drive with a performance enhancement of up to 6 bhp and 7ft/lb of torque, in addition to lower emissions by up to 69% and CO and diesel smoke reduced by up to 58%.

But do some vehicles benefit even more from an EDT treatment?
Vehicles with variable valve timing, such as BMW vanos units, as well as some Fiat, Alfa, Honda and Toyota models (among others) will notice the difference even more, as the system is oil controlled.

What is variable valve timing?
Variable valve timing (VVT) controls the amount of gases allowed to enter and escape the combustion chamber for improved performance, economy and to reduce emissions, depending on the driving conditions.

Increasingly strict emissions regulations are seeing more and more vehicle manufacturers use VVT systems, as they help to regulate emissions and improve performance.

How does treatment help?
The engine decontamination unit heats and pulses a light mineral oil in and around the engine’s oil system, breaking down the carbon deposits and vacuuming it out through the sump via a 1 micron filtration system.

This is particularly helpful for vehicles with VVT, as the process either helps to improve the oil flow to the unit, or actually improves the function of the unit itself.

The proof of its effectiveness can be found in the TrustPilot reviews ( left by nearly 200 satisfied customers, such as this one from Stuart Prime:

“Just had my car treated at Tomsett Garage in Maidstone Kent (plus an oil/fuel filter change) and all I can say is my BMW 325d is transformed…the car is a lot quieter, smoother, faster pick up. No need for a newer car as my bimmer feels brand new again. Thanks guys.”

Managing director David Holmes said: “The fact that EDT has a 9.9 out of 10-star rating on TrustPilot from owners covering a wide range of vehicle manufacturers is testament enough of the power of an EDT clean.

“But because the treatment deals with the vehicle’s oil system, VVT vehicles – which are oil controlled – will really notice the difference.”

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