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Helping the heroes of haulage

Date: 01-Apr-2020

During these times of global crisis, road safety is more important now than ever to ensure the world can continue on its road to recovery. With commercial vehicles operating around the clock transporting important goods to where they are desperately needed, visual inspections are of paramount importance.

Thanks to the Checkpoint range of intelligent safety solutions, drivers and operators are able to perform the best practice to wheel safety, shed precious time off of visual inspections and ensure the safety of vehicles worldwide.

Operating remotely and safely, the Checkpoint team of innovators continue to work tirelessly to assist the heroes leading us through this epidemic and ensure that the wheels of the transport sector can continue to turn without issue.

Providing help wherever possible, Checkpoint has also donated a number of products to the healthcare industry to assist ambulances in their time of need across the UK.

For more information or assistance, please contact, call 01524 271200 or visit our website

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