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HELLA’S multibeam LED headlamps

Date: 17-Jul-2017

Lighting is one of the most essential safety components in a vehicle and due to its importance, lighting and electronics expert, HELLA, continually develops innovative lighting systems that offer a high level of driving illumination to provide the best view of the road ahead. This goal was behind the latest partnership between HELLA and Daimler AG, who recently launched the high-resolution MULTIBEAM LED headlamps on the new Mercedes E-Class, thus ensuring optimum safety on the roads.

The innovative headlight features a three-layered pixel light and a total of 84 individual controllable LEDs (per headlamp) which adjust the light distribution depending on the traffic, weather and road conditions. The integrated adaptive ‘High Beam Assistant Plus’ even ensures that high beam is used more frequently, offering greater safety and comfort.

The ‘Adaptive Highbeam’ function is particularly intelligent at sensing other vehicles on the road, either directly in front or oncoming and will selectively mask, within fractions of a second, the light distribution area, to prevent other drivers from being dazzled but allowing the driver maximum visibility by keeping the safe areas between them illuminated. The newly developed headlight also reduces reflections on the oncoming lane when it is raining, by specifically dimming individual LEDs in the low beam. Moreover, glare from illuminated road signs is reduced by the system lessening the brightness of individual LEDs.

As well as its high functionality, the second generation MULTIBEAM LED headlamp –with high-end lighting technology is a completely new design, which won the prestigious Product Design category in the Red Dot Awards 2016. The award also takes account of the two light guides that generate the direction indicators, daytime running lights and position lights in the beacon design perfectly complementing the Mercedes Benz style.

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