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HELLA is providing e.GO Life with lighting and electronics products

Date: 16-Sep-2019

HELLA, the automotive supplier has integrated a selection of diverse lighting and electronics products in the new e.GO Life electric vehicle. These include products that support the braking function and also play a part in creating an individual look and feel for the vehicle. The car has been on the road since the middle of the year and is the first electric car of the Aachen electric car company e.GO Mobile. 

Together with e.GO Mobile, HELLA has developed a customised headlight concept. The project focused on utilising the headlights to differentiate the vehicle and make it stand out from the crowd in sharp relief. "The objective was to give the vehicle a friendly face, an aim which was achieved thanks to the use of round LED headlights that are also available in halogen. Furthermore, we have radically altered the standard design, as the company founder wished to have headlights that could be recognised as paying homage to the Porsche 911," explains Michael Bock, head of sales in the special applications division at HELLA. At an extra charge, bi-LED lighting technology, whereby a single projection module equipped with an LED light source brings about the high and low beam, means that the system can be further upgraded. In addition to the headlight technology, HELLA will be supplying the e.GO Life with yet more lighting products, such as fog lights, reflex reflectors from the modular Shapeline series, the third stop light which is high-mounted in a central position, rear fog, reverse and also a reading light for the vehicle’s interior.

Various HELLA products from the field of electronics have also found their way into the vehicle and these include the rain-light sensors and the horn. Also, as a special highlight, HELLA has integrated the new generation of electric vacuum pumps (UP5) to assist with the braking function. "Because electric vehicles have no internal combustion engine, an electrical pump is used in order to generate the necessary vacuum for the pneumatic brake boosting system," points out Bock. Control of the electric vacuum pump takes place by means of an integrated pressure sensor, which, when it reaches fixed switching thresholds, switches the pump on or off, as required.”

HELLA and e.GO will continue their collaboration – series production of the electric bus "e.GO Mover" is planned to start in the middle of 2020. Two variants are on the agenda, one equipped with driver assistance systems and the other, aiming for the top level of expansion, has its sights set on a fully autonomous minibus. HELLA will also be providing the lighting and electronics products for these new vehicles.

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