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Hella Gutmann Solutions unveils leveling plate system

Date: 08-Nov-2019

Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) has recently introduced a new accessory for its CSC-Tool, the leveling plate system. 

According to vehicle manufacturer (VM) specifications, calibrating the camera and sensor systems requires a flat working surface, however not all workshops have perfectly smooth and even floors! To overcome the problem and ensure technicians are recalibrating systems effectively, the leveling plate system, consisting of four base plates with six access ramps, which are placed on anti-slip mats, provides the horizontal surface for the vehicle to be positioned correctly, to guarantee the accurate use of the calibration tool. 

Technicians can use the leveling plate system to set the vehicle's calibration area quickly, flexibly and according to VM specifications. This accessory is therefore, an ideal solution for workshops, replacment glass companies and mobile technicians who may travel to jobs where there isn’t a suitable flat surface. 

To correctly setup the system, technicians use a self-leveling laser to accurately align all four plates in just 15 minutes or less, to ensure the maximum efficiency of the job.

Neil Hilton, HGS’s head of business development, said, “We’re very conscious of the fact that not every workshop is the same, some may have limited space or are mobile and so we need to be aware of these different enviroments and adapt our products accordingly, to provide the best solution.

“Recalibrating a vehicle is becoming common practice and we need to ensure that technicians have the best equipment that will allow them to undertake the work correctly. This is why we launched the CSC-Tool Mobile and now, the leveling plate system, so all are able to recalibrate the vehicle’s systems, no matter their location or the space available to them.”

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