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Glen Callum Associates offer free recruitment

Date: 09-Apr-2020

Just over a week on since lock down and Glen Callum Associates is still functional and fully active. 

After much thought and deliberation of what they can do to help the current situation, they have decided to offer their recruiting services directly to companies/organisations that desperately need techical and engineering staff NOW, to up scale manufacturing, distribution and supply of essential products directly to frontline NHS via supply the chains. 

If you're a business owner, stakeholder, MD, CEO operative within engineering, chemicals, PPE or other essential frontline provisions, please contact them to advise what you need.  They are offering free-of-charge placements for six weeks. 

They want to stress that this invitation is extended to the businesses that really need assistance NOW in line with fighting COVID-19. 

They can be reached by emailing

They really hope their 21 years of experience in recruitment across engineering and manufacturing can help speed up the turnaround in the fight against this virus and our return to normality.

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