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German Precision. The Lemförder Way.

Date: 03-Oct-2018

A new multi-media campaign for ZF brand Lemförder, is about to go live across Europe. The witty campaign, which deals with the Germanic obsession with precision and perfection – underlines a very serious safety message. It demonstrates how it’s the unique German precision processes which create the premium products that have made Lemförder the Number One brand for OE steering and suspension parts over the past 70 years – and which are now relied on by more than 50 vehicle manufacturers.  Using focused messaging centered on its three core values – Precision, Pioneering Excellence and OE Heritage - the campaign consists of humorous press adverts, a tongue in cheek film, digital material and dynamic point of sale assets; all set to reinvigorate and validate the brand and its positioning, whilst reinforcing its place at the top of the leader board. 

German Precision – World Renowned
“Everyone knows and trusts German manufacturing,” explains Kevin Price, UK marketing manager, ZF Aftermarket. ”And because it is  consistently good, this campaign illustrates that this must be born of a national state of mind; a love of perfection, a fixation for making things the best that they can be. But we believe this ideology is healthy, because it means that no steering and chassis brand strives harder for perfection than we do.

“This memorable campaign exaggerates the point and uses a touch of humour to show how our focus on striving for perfection is a huge benefit to the automotive world.”

The new campaign is aimed at all levels of the passenger car (PC) and heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) supply chain: distributors, technicians and the end user. It focuses on the Lemförder programmes of: suspension ball joints, tie rods, supporting control arms and accessories.

German Precision – the World Over
The press advert has great impact. It features a character trimming a hedge with a pair of nail scissors and measuring it with a spirit level. The short film builds on this idea. Opening in Germany, with wit and humour it captures how attention to detail and precision are part of the German mindset, and how these qualities can be observed daily across the nation. It then introduces Lemförder team members across the world who follow the example set in Germany; reassuring viewers that regardless of where it is made, every part made by Lemförder is made in the same fastidious manner, with the same German values, attitude and minute attention to detail.

Lemförder –OEM Quality for the Aftermarket
For maximum safety and comfort, up to 70 different individual parts are installed in a steering system and in the suspension technology of a modern car or van. For increased road safety, all Lemförder aftermarket products are manufactured in the same quality as the original equipment manufacturers’. Because ZF’s development and production competency covers the whole car chassis, every part works in perfect harmony. LEMFÖRDER parts ensure optimal contact with the road, blending driving dynamics, safety and comfort into one.

The campaign will be live across the following regions: 
UK, DACH, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Russia and CIS countries. This will be followed by: Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan as well as Scandic and Baltic States.

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