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Follow the BTN fitness guide for a healthy turbo installation

Date: 17-May-2018

A turbocharger is at the heart of the engine and like a human heart, it depends on the systems around it. Keeping those systems fit and free from contamination will ensure the turbo performs at its best and lives longer. Like any doctor, diagnose what caused the turbo failure and cure the problems before you proceed. Then follow our health advice to defeat the turbo killers.

Breathe freely. Fit a new air filter to make sure the turbo receives all the air it needs. Clean the EGR valve and check its operation to ensure exhaust gases flow efficiently too.
Unblock the arteries
Oil is the turbo’s lifeblood. Some applications are particularly prone to blockages so it’s critical to fit new feed and drain pipes.
Carry out a lifeblood transfusion. It’s vital to fit a new oil filter and the correct grade of fresh oil.
Establish healthy living. Change the oil strainer pick-up pipe. As service intervals get longer, the oil supply gets dirtier.
Prevent reinfection. Clean out the sump and, if necessary, the oil pump to remove any particles that could contaminate the oil.
Make a fresh start
Fit a new fuel filter, so you’re firing on all cylinders with a healthy clean supply.

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