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Find the cause of turbo failure faster with the BTN diagnostic tool

Date: 27-Mar-2018

Before you fit a new turbo, find out what caused the first unit to fail or you risk the replacement failing too. Our free online diagnostic tool will help you pinpoint the problem faster.

Don't assume the turbo is at fault; less than 1% of turbos fail because of a manufacturing fault. The cause is nearly always with one of the engine’s lubrication, intake or exhaust, cooling or management systems.

Our online tool takes you step-by-step through the potential issues and what could be causing them. With a few clicks, you can quickly narrow the search and be confident you’re investigating in the right area.
BTN Fact Sheets can also help.  If you need more detail, then our Fault Fact Sheets are also available online to view and download. They cover eight of the most frequently encountered issues, explaining the symptoms of faults, their consequences and how to prevent them.  

When you need to replace a turbo, don't risk it with non-OE. BTN Turbo supplies either brand new OE or OE manufacturer’s remanufactured turbos. So insist on a BTN-supplied 100% OE turbo from your motor factor. See why.


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