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Federal-Mogul Motorparts makes key announcements at Automechanika 2018

Date: 15-Oct-2018

Federal-Mogul Motorparts made several important announcements at Automechanika 2018. Many of its well-known brands, new products and exciting technologies, as well as multiple OE successes were highlighted. The event also marked the launch of Garage Gurus, a technical training and support platform, as well as significant steering and suspension innovations that underscore MOOG®’s long-standing commitment to engineering expertise and product differentiation.

Other highlights include:

The iconic Champion brand will continue its current expansion by launching a battery range later in 2018. Along with the recently announced braking and lighting ranges, this new battery range will solidify Champion’s position as a complete service brand. Champion is committed to providing quality parts at a fair price on which technicians and garages throughout EMEA can rely. By the end of the year, the Champion service offering will include: braking, batteries, lighting, filters, wipers and ignition 

The OE pedigree of Ferodo’s braking products demonstrate the brands dedication to providing innovation supported by quality. Ferodo is a pioneer in the braking segment with copper free Eco-Friction® pads and is first-to-market where it also is original equipment on the Ford Fiesta. This trend was continued with the Ford Galaxy and Audi A4, both fit-from-factory with Ferodo Eco-Friction pads. Technical advances in directional brake pads are another example of the brand’s ability to launch leading-edge braking products. The new directional pads, on display at the booth, are featured in an informative video on their performance and usage. The celebrated brand takes the opportunity to introduce its composite rotor range during Automechanika, which offers improved braking performance while also being lighter than conventional rotors. The continued success of the Ferodo brand is demonstrated by its OE wins, pioneering technological advancements and its ability to rapidly respond to the market with its ever-growing range (visit

The brand is celebrating its recent OE wins and exciting new packaging for LV and CV applications at the show. The booth features Jurid’s new pads for a new Alfa Romeo model, alongside other pad samples. It will also launch its new lightweight composite discs, which offer enhanced performance and leading-edge durability. (visit

The ignition brand features its new Iridium spark plugs alongside useful tools and sensors, all of which are promoted by an updated, more responsive website. The brand’s unique glow plug offering, which includes ceramic and pressure sensitive glow plugs (PSG), is enhanced by extensions to the Glow Plug Control Units range. An expanded spark plug line, alongside coils and a unique range of mounting tools, complete the line-up. (visit

Engine Expertise 
Several of Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ quality brands launched exciting new products, offering solutions at the leading-edge of automotive engine technology. 

AE® launched Sodium Filled Hollow Valves, which can reduce valve head temperatures by up to 20% in conjunction with weight savings of around 16%. This is achieved by hollowing the valve and filling it with liquid sodium, which then efficiently dissipates heat as the valve reciprocates. 
Nüral® introduced Ecotough® NG wear-reduction coating for petrol engines. The coating increases durability for components in modern downsized turbocharged engines. It reduces piston skirt wear by up to 40% and piston friction losses by 15%. It is the latest in a series of innovations from Nüral that benefit from the brand’s extensive experience in OE piston component design.
Goetze® released new valves specific to the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The brand is one of longest established names in the automotive industry, delivering technically-advanced components that significantly lower oil consumption and reduce emissions by minimizing friction and prolonging engine life.
Payen® presented Fibersheets, an extension of the Pro-Fit range, a solution for unobtainable or obscure gaskets. With more than 10,500 gasket, oil seal and headbolt references, the Payen brand brings customers solutions for almost every light and commercial vehicle application.

“Automechanika is a great platform to launch our newest technologies and products,” explained Andrew Sexton, President, EMEA Aftermarket; and Regional President, Federal-Mogul Motorparts, EMEA. “It is also an opportunity to talk about the company’s successes, like the increasing adoption of Ferodo pads on new production vehicles. This industry is all about innovation, and to be successful, you need to constantly develop new technology and predict the trends. We have always prided ourselves on the product offerings our brands bring to the market: high quality products that technicians across the world can trust. Our industry is changing faster than ever.  We’re all operating on ‘fast forward’ as a result of the ever-rising pace of global commerce.  Each of our brands is continually reinforced and updated to help our customers meet the new challenges and capture the many opportunities that lie ahead. With the addition of Garage Gurus, we are providing world-class technical support and training to customers, technicians and end-users across EMEA.

If you would like to learn more about all Federal-Mogul Motorparts products, you can visit . For more technical content and tutorials, visit the brand-new Garage Gurus website:

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